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Anja Ruchatz

Following a long stay in the USA, I completed my degree course at the University of Saarbrücken Institute of Interpreting and Translation, which included a semester in Brussels, and qualified as an interpreter in 1992. Since graduating, I have worked as a freelance interpreter with the working languages German A (native language), English B (active foreign language) and French C (passive foreign language) and have been active predominantly in Europe but also throughout the rest of the world. I work primarily as a consultant interpreter, organizing multilingual interpreting teams and interpreting equipment, but am also very experienced in written translation, where my specialist areas are finance, pharmaceuticals/medicine, the automobile industry and the environment/nature conservation. I am a member of the professional associations AIIC and BDÜ.


Anja Ruchatz
Qualified conference interpreter (AIIC)
Sworn interpreter
Gutleutstraße 1
D-79115 Freiburg
Tel: +49 761 4762676
Fax: + 49 761 4764778