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The joint platform of conference interpreters Anja Peschel and Anja Ruchatz provides an overview of our translation and interpreting services as well as lots of useful information and links. Whether you require an interpreter for an international conference, a translation of a specialist text, or simply want to find out more about the job description and working methods of interpreters and translators, the following pages should contain all the information you are looking for.

Anja Ruchatz and Anja Peschel have many years of experience in conference interpreting at international conferences, congresses, negotiations, trade fairs and press conferences. As well as interpreting at the event itself, we provide assistance to organisers in the run-up to the conference. On request, we will organise the complete range of language services, from the translation of all written documents to the booking and organisation of the interpreting team along with the necessary conference equipment.


Are you looking for an interpreter?

We work as interpreters and translators in a range of specialist areas and will gladly organise bilingual or multilingual interpreting teams as well as the necessary conference equipment. Contact us and we will be pleased to assist you! More...

What is interpreting?

Interpreting is the oral conveyance of a spoken message from one language into another.
As interpreters, we use a variety of techniques, depending on the situation. More...

Where do interpreters train?

Interpreting courses are offered at various universities and institutes in Germany and abroad. In many countries, interpreting can be studied as an M.A. You can find an overview of institutions here.


How are interpreters organised?

Professional interpreters can obtain membership of various national and international professional associations. You can find a list of the most important associations here.

Further information

For those who wish to gain a deeper insight into the world of interpreting, we have prepared a list of interesting links, including links to relevant press articles.

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